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Model trains and model railroading have always been a popular pass time in the hobby world. Building a model railroad layout is often the dream of the hobbyist. Serious interest turns this dream into a reality as a box full of model trains begins to take shape as a model train layout. Having model trains for use in a model railroad is usually the starting point as the dream of a model train layout takes shape.

As the hobbyist starts a model railroad, it soon becomes apparent that the model trains on this newly constructed model railroad layout appear all alone and without personality. The next step usually taken on this model train layout is the construction and placement of a model building or two. And with the new look of realism in miniature, the model trains begin to look at home on this newly adorned model railroad and its model building structures.

With the satisfaction of his work, the model railroad layout builder, admires his handy work, but also notes that he has added a problem to his model railroad. Now the buildings look empty and without life, because they have empty windows looking out on the model trains of the model railroad layout. Despite the model building additions, the model train layout and its model trains, still lack personality.
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