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Like many of you, my hobby is model railroading, and like much of our industry, the upsurge in popularity has brought with it the need for more and more detail.

My space for a layout was restricted in size by the walls of a bedroom in the basement of our home. In an effort to make the room seem larger, I decided to order just the fronts of buildings manufactured and sold by O Gauge Railroading Magazine under the name of AmeriTowne Buildings. I spent about a hundred hours painting and detailing these building fronts and attaching them to a shadow box and anchored them to the wall on one side of my layout to be used as a faux "Main Street".

The buildings looked great, but with all those empty windows staring back at me they lacked personality. I set about to find images which I could use from magazines to give interior detail, but found next to nothing. I acquired a digital camera and started going around taking pictures of interiors of various building that I wanted to feature in my businesses.

Using several existing computer programs, I began the project on just one building front. Getting the picturessized to fit each window was a task in itself, not to mention getting them spaced right for the openings in the building fronts. Next making and adding the signs I wanted in the vent windows about the main floor windows and doorway, equally challenging. With about seventeen printouts in an effort to get correct placement on a single sheet of paper and three and a half hours later, the result was terrific! But oh, the time and effort. Something had to be better.

Talking with my son, Brandon, a computer graphics design artist and my son-in-law, Stephen, a computer programmer, the decision was made to see if, with putting our heads together, we could come up with a program which would allow the same process to take place with ease, add a few bells and whistles, and cut the time to do a similar project to just a fraction of the several hours first used.

The result after several hundred hours of work and over a period of about a year was the Software Tangents program called "Window Works". With several hundred color digital images, an easy to use ‘drag and drop’ style format, our hope is that you can use this tool to give life and personality to your layout as I have to mine.


Dennis Jensen
Software Tangents a subsidiary of Car-Tune Shop Inc.

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